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Cesspool Cleaning in Westport, Massachusetts

New England Sanitation in Westport, Massachusetts, provides high-quality and speedy cesspool and septic tank cleaning services.
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Septic Tank Cleaning and Maintenance

We clean septic tanks for residential and commercial customers as part of routine maintenance, or when the customer experiences an issue with their system.

When you're having problems with your system, we prefer that you are home when we pump the tank. Once emptied, we then have you flush the toilet to make sure the problem is with the tank and not within the house itself.

For your convenience we send out reminder cards for routine maintenance. Upon scheduling your appointment our knowledgeable technicians will service your tank an advise you of your breakdown of material, effluent levels and make suggestions on the frequency of cleaning your system. We recommend not adding material or trash to your septic tank.

Cesspool Cleaning

A cesspool is a pre-cast tank with leach holes or a hand laid stone leach pit which allows the water to leach out. The material goes into the cesspool and breaks down, and then filters back into the ground. Over time the sludge will clog the pores of the ground and not leach properly. Our technicians specialize in cleaning the sludge from these pools. Annual cesspool cleanings are recommended for best results.

Pump Chambers & Grease Traps

Our commercial customers can take advantage of our pump chamber and grease trap cleaning services. Hospitals, nursing homes, and restaurants typically use these services. Cleaning out pump chambers and grease traps protects municipal sewer systems, and is required 3 times per year.
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